Out of area furniture delivery charges


2 Man Furniture Delivery Details and Charges

We offer nationwide delivery with no compromise to our usual high standard of customer care. Our highly trained delivery crews will carefully deliver your new furniture to the room of your choice and remove any packaging (excluding self-assembly furniture).

After carefully unwrapping and placing your furniture exactly where you want it, we will ask you to examine the goods in the presence of our delivery crew. If you find any problems this will be noted on the delivery documentation and relayed to our customer service department immediately.

As soon as your new furniture is ready for dispatch we will contact you to determine a suitable date and time window for delivery.


Delivery Zone 1 - Free (for orders over £250)

BH(all) GU16 GU47 RG19 RG40 SP11
BN12 GU17 GU5 RG2 RG41 SP2
BN13 GU2 GU51 RG20 RG45 SP3
BN16 GU26 GU52 RG21 RG5 SP4
BN17 GU27 GU6 RG22 RG6 SP5
BN18 GU28 GU7 RG23 RG7 SP5
DT11 GU29 GU8 RG24 RH14 SP6
GU1 GU3 GU9 RG25 RH20 SP7
GU10 GU30 GU95 RG26 SN10 SP8
GU11 GU31 PO(all ex IOW) RG27 SN8 SP9
GU12 GU32 RG1 RG28 SN9 DT1
GU13 GU33 RG14 RG29 SO(all) DT10
GU14 GU34 RG17 RG30 SP1 DT2
GU15 GU35 RG18 RG31 SP10  


Delivery to Isle of Wight - Phone for a quote

Delivery Zone 2 - £49 Delivery Charge 

BR(all) EC(all) KT(all) RM(all) SW(all) UB(all)
CR(all) EN(all) N(all) SE(all) TW(all) W(all)
E(all) IG(all) NW(all) SM(all) WD(all) WC(all)
DA(all) HA(all)        

Delivery Zone 3 - £75 Delivery Charge 

AL(all) BN42 DT3 HP(all) RH13 SN15
B(all) BN43 DT4 IP(all) RH15 SN16
BA(all) BN44 DT5 LE(all) RH16 SN17
BN1  BN45 DT6 LU(all) RH17 SN2 
BN10 BN5  DT7 ME(all) RH18 SN25
BN11 BN50 DT8 MK(all) RH19 SN26
BN14 BN51 DT9 NN(all) RH2  SN3 
BN15 BN52 DT11 NR(all) RH3  SN38
BN2  BN6  DY(all) OX(all) RH4  SN4 
BN20 BN7  GL(all) PE(all) RH5  SN5 
BN21 BN8  GU18 RG10 RH6  SN6 
BN22 BN88 GU19 RG12 RH7  SN7 
BN23 BN9  GU20 RG4 RH77 SN99
BN24 BN99 GU21 RG42 RH8  SS(all)
BN25 BS(all) GU22 RG8 RH9  TN(all)
BN26 CB(all) GU23 RG9 SN1  WR(all)
BN27 CM(all) GU24 RH1  SN11 WS(all)
BN3  CO(all) GU25 RH10 SN12 WV(all)
BN4  CT(all) GU4 RH11 SN13 SL(all)
BN41 CV(all) GU46 RH12 SN14  


Delivery Zone 4 - £89 Delivery Charge

BB(all) DE(all) HG(all) LS(all) PR(all) TF(all)
BD(all) DN(all) HX(all) M(all) S(all) TQ(all)
BL(all) EX(all) L(all) NG(all) SK(all) TR(all)
CF(all) FY(all) LD(all) NP(all) ST(all) WA(all)
CH(all) HD(all) LL(all) OL(all) SY(all) WF(all)
CW(all) HR(all) LN(all) PL(all) TA(all) WN(all)
YO(all) HU(all) SA(all)      

Delivery Zone 5 - £149 Delivery Charge

CA(all) DL(all) NE(all) TD(all) DH(all)
LA(all) SR(all) TS(all)    

Highlands and Offshore Delivery Charge - Phone for a quote

KW(all) IV(all) AB(all) PH(all) DD(all)
PA(all) FK(all) KY(all) G(all) EH(all)
ML(all) KA(all) DG(all) BT(all) GY(all)
JE(all) HS(all) KW(all) ZE(all)