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With relaxation being the main aim, Himolla furniture is guaranteed to be durable, reliable, and comfortable alongside showcasing exceptional design quality. Having been manufacturing upholstered furniture for 70 years, the huge range of award-winning recliners and sofas can help furnish any style of home.

Within the Himolla collection you will find a wide choice of aesthetically pleasing shapes, textures and colours alongside technology that supports your back, neck, legs and body. The range of recliners adjust to your body size and individual expectations, with every piece offering pure relaxation.

Available at our Hedge End & New Milton Stores.

Aura (Hedge End & New Milton)

Brock (New Milton Only)

Kennet (New Milton Only)

Mosel (Hedge End & New Milton)

Sinatra (New Milton Only)

Themse (Hedge End & New Milton)

Chester (Hedge End & New Milton)

Mersey (Hedge End & New Milton)

Platinum (Hedge End & New Milton)

Swan (Hedge End Only)

Tobi (New Milton Only)

Elbe (Hedge End Only)

Monaco (New Milton Only)

Rhine (Hedge End & New Milton)

Tamar (New Milton Only)