In a small town of Sealy, Texas, Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder and operator, responded to a request made by a neighbour to craft him a cotton filled mattress during 1881.

The mattress was favoured that considerably that Haynes was receiving more and more requests as the days went on. In response to the inflation of requests, Haynes invented a machine that compressed cotton in order for it to fill a mattress. This was patented in 1889.

In 1906, Haynes decided to sell all of his patents to a Texan company that branded the name 'Sealy'. A young advertising executive collaborated with Sealy in this timeframe and put the company on the road to success.

The company's success in the UK first originated in 1974, following the acquisition of Silentnight Group. Utilising premium facilities and advanced research, Sealy continue to develop more than any other bed manufacturer, meaning you and your home will receive pleasant and peaceful rest for many years to come.


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